Artwork evaluation

This service allows you to know the value of a contemporary artwork based on auction results. We will send you a a report in wihch there will be explained your artwork value, showing the latest auction results of artworks as much as possible similar to yours.

All the informations and pictures of front and back of the artwork will be useful to give an appropriate value, but we can only evaluate your artwork if you already know:

  • Artist’s name and surname
  • technique
  • dimensions without frame

The artist must be well known: since our researches are based on auction results, it’s fundamental that the artist is well known in the art scene and was sold in a auction house.

Decorate your home, office, or yacht

If you love art & beauty and you want to enjoy a breathtaking emotion being surrounded by original artworks, contact us and we will help you to set the perfect place!

We can offer you our experience in art installations, art fairs, fashion shows and business startup:

our team has a deep knowledge in art, design and architecture, thanks to which you’ll have the best art arrangement for your needs. We will need a survey of the location in order to identify areas, style and colours, so we can choose the best artists and the best artworks to let your place bright like a star! We will also offer you an expert advise about artworks security and insurance policy, if you need one. The survey could take place anywhere in the world, please contact us for a personalised quote.

Amstel Art Card 

Our prepaid art card is the perfect gift for a wedding, birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, Bar mitzvah, St.Valentine, any occasion is perfect to donate our beautiful art!

  • Amstel Art Card can be used to buy artworks on or directly in our London gallery
  • Amstel Art Card will be delivered to to you or directly to the address of your choice with an elegant case and a personal message.
  • Amstel Art Card can be topped up for any value starting from 99£