Since 2008 Amstel Art Gallery has been part of 42 International art fairs and is proud to have shown the best artist solo and collective exhibitions. Here we have a few but please contact us for more informations.

01 Corbor Invito FronteCorboretro

Ravelli retro15x15ravelli15x15

Max SquillaceMax Squillace retro

02Lodola Invito 15x15lodola retro 15x15 small

03 martinazzo invitoArteFieraCremona2013-1 2b24519146e4bc97b6e77d3f8e48eac7d1b343ce7Martinazzo retroinvito-BAF-2013-stand-70-Amstel-Art-GalleryManifestoMostra pittura Vincent Mangeruca Milano Amstel Gallery