Marco Lodola was born in Pavia in 1955. He attended the Fine Arts Academy of Florence and Milan, enhancing his interest in fauves and futurist painting that later will be a benchmark for his whole work.

He started his career at the beginnings of the 80s, as one of the founders of the “New Futurism”, a Milan-based movement leaded by the critical thinking of the illustrious art historian Renato Barilli.

From the middle of 80s his artworks were exhibited in relevant cities across the Europe and in 1994 Lodola landed in China with an art show in the ex-archives of the Imperial City of Beijing.

He collaborated with several musicians and he also created scenic design for theatre, cinema and television. He is considered the most famous Italian pop art sculpture in the world, perhaps the “new italian Warhol”, and his artworks arouse collectors from all countries.

In 2011, once again, he participated in the Venice Biennale with “Ca Lodola”, a side event arranged by Luca Beatrice and Vittorio Sgarbi. In that occasion, the international master of light dressed in a neo-futuristic light the famous Ca ‘D’oro in Venice, through its famous light sculptures.

The immediacy and pleasantness of his work capture and charm the gaze of every viewer, both experts and art system neophytes.


Born In Dorno (Pavia) in 1955, Marco Lodola attended the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence and Milan, concluding his studies with a thesis about the Fauves painters.

Founder of the “New Futurism” movement in the 1980s together with a group of other artists from 1983 he began to exhibit his Plexiglas figures in Rome, Milan, Florence, Bologna Lyons, Wien, Madrid, Barcelona and Amsterdam. He has participated in exhibitions for major companies such as Swatch, Coco Cola, Vini Ferrari, Harley Davidson, Ducati, Illy, Nonino, Valentino e many other more.

In December 1994 he accepted an invitation from the Government of the Republic of China to hold an exhibition in the ex Archives of the Imperial City of Beijing. In Italy he starts to collaborate with important brands and famous Italian singers.

In the 1996 he began a program of American exhibitions in Miami and New York.

In 1997 he took part in a manifestation associated with the 47th Venice Biennale entitled “Unexplosive Art”.

In 2001 he was responsible for the image of the Venice Carnival and took part in the Futurists in Venice exhibition, which included works by himself and by Fortunato Depero.

His works were displayed in the Italy Pavilion of the 53rd Venice Biennale with a luminous installation in honour of the theatrical works of Fortunato Depero.

In 2003 he created the luminous Venus as part of Umberto Eco’s “Venere svelata”, exhibition held on the Palace of Fine Arts of Bruxels. His “Controluce” exhibition in 2004 was also transferred to Sao Paolo in Brazil, and to Mexico City.

Although his works are present all over the world, Marco Lodola has continued to create scenes for movies, tv programs,concerts and several events in Italy: from fashion to theater, from the 2006 Turin Winter Olimpics to the facade of the Ariston theater for the 2008 San Remo festival.

In 2009, once again in Milan, in the Piazza del Duomo, he set up the “Rock’n’ Music Planet”, Europe’s first museum of rock, with 25 sculptures.

In 2011 he creates a light installation in Via della spiga, Milan, named “Citroen full Electric”. His work were chosen by fashion designer Giuliano Fujiwara for his fashion show.

From 2012 to now, he exhibited in several cities: London, Florence, Milan, Venice.

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