Athos Faccincani was born in 1951 in Peschiera del Garda, Italy. Once he finished the high school, he decided to dedicate himself only to his art. The works of these early years have a dark expressionist style and portray suffering characters. Athos Faccincani attended psychiatric hospitals and prisons in order to be able to better express the pain and anguish of his characters.
In the ‘70s he received the nomination of Knight of the Italian Republic thanks to his tremendous work exposed in a Resistence’s exhibition (an exhibition about the Italian war Resistance). The president Sandro Pertini himself gave him the honor of this qualification. After this important event Faccincani lived a period of frustration and confusion, when he decided to quit painting for a year. So he started traveling a lot, especially in the south of Italy.
When he restarts to work, his style and subjects are very changed. The influence of the beautiful places that he had visited during the sabbatical year has left a mark on his art. No more dark colors, pain and suffering. The new style takes something from the impressionist movement, but the most particular changes are the new subjects. Majestic landscapes, representing mostly the coasts of Italy, show the beauty of Mediterranean lands. In this new artistic path Faccincani expresses the opposite of his precedent works. Every canvas has the same guidelines, such as the sun high in a blue sky, the tipical houses of the Mediterranean and the lush colors of the vegetation. His canvases strike the spectator for the strength of the landscapes, for the brightness of the colors, and for the beauty of the views he describes.

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